Tell This Story When You Make It Big

About two weeks ago I embarked on the task of making a documentary about someone who has turned out to be one of the most interesting and best muscians I can think of (by way of request): Kendrick Lamar. I call this a ‘documentary’ in the lightest of terms as this is only the closest I can get to a real film but I tried my best. The film, in its entirity, is around 45 minutes long.
I started out with the vision of making something I would be happy to show to Kendrick himself but as it transpired, I got lost in the whole work and I found that it’s mostly how I percieve Kendrick Lamar as opposed to a professional piece of work, carried out by someone with no ties to the film. I quickly learnt that professional could not be achieved with my resources and skill level…
The content is sourced from the internet, YouTube, Vimeo etc. and from instrumentals found online too.
The film is titled Tell This Story When You Make It Big, a line from my favourite Kendrick song Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst. I don’t really want to explain why I named it that, even if it is self-explanatory, I’d rather you had your own connotation on the title.
Feel free to give me any feedback you want, that’s the reason I’m posting it to be honest… (But please be concious of the fact that it’s taken me several solid days to edit and took me weeks to source and compile clips - don’t pan it too hard…). Also, please note, video and audio quality is occasionally below poor - this is through no fault of my own, Vimeo have a 500mb upload limit and so to maintain the length and content to the documentary, the quality of the video suffered.

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Don’t Play - Travi$ Scott

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